Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible franchise has become that old magician who repeats the same tricks again and again with impalpable  vigor and gusto, but is of little help in catering to your fascinations; the fascination for that fresh action packed cinematic experience which is fast depleting!

Everything about the Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation is regressive. The story-line, the action sequence, the dramatics, the climax.. EVERYTHING!
The only novelty of the movie is that Tom Cruise gets older in every sequel. 😀

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So, in summary, here’s the recipe for making an M.I.

  • Create an enemy for the US that has the power to wipe out the world, and only the US intel has the information on it. [No pressure, you could bring in the aliens or other life forms too, whatever pops in your head 😉 ]
  • Bring in a tech guy who has the capabilities of breaking into any digital security known to mankind but still works as a lame ass field agent to earn a living 😛
  • For all the physical work that needs brute strength like chasing down an airplane while wearing a suit, jumping off cliffs without slightest injuries, scaling the tallest of towers, or getting beaten up within the inch of life, recruit Tom Cruise.
  • Place a hot chick behind enemy lines, whose life he must save!!
  • Record all this in a message that will self destruct in 5 seconds.
  • Find a catchy title (That tells nothing about the movie!).

In conclusion, I’d like to say, that the movie will not bore you, but will disappoint you. [You could also fall asleep in the midst like my friend did.]

MI-Rogue Nation :