Celebrating Colors

Holi is yet another festival that commemorates the victory of good over evil. Most of us know the story, of how this bad guy, Hiranyakashyapu tries to kill his own son, Prahalad, for chanting his enemy’s name, and how his evil sister, Holika, tries to burn the little kid, but ends up herself reduced to ashes, while the boy remains unharmed.
The then public decides to celebrate this godly act, by playing with colors.

What I extract from this is we, the people, associate colors with emotions, with different states of our lives. And much like colors we adore some of them better than the others. We prefer adventure over monotony, we despise being sad, we want to be happy. We like receiving appreciations, but not so much when we receive corrections. We maintain our own set of favorite colors, we choose to ignore the ones we don’t like, and at last we judge those who happen to carry a different set of favorite colors. In the process, we lose sight of the fact, that there are all these colors for everyone, for me, for you, for all of us. We may choose to ignore them, but we just cannot avoid them. To find peace, is to accept them as they are, acknowledge them for what they are. If you agree with life, the life agrees with you. 🙂


So as we move back to our routine lives post this festival, let’s not walk forward just with our set of favorite colors, let’s walk on with acceptance to all the colors, they are most likely to be someone else’s favorite color, lets appreciate each other’s favorite colors and we’ll see that life is much like a rainbow, and its beautiful only when it is with all its colors.